Gluten-free Procrastination

by Carol Blymire on September 16, 2011

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Just a little round-up of things to read, look at, listen to:

Udi’s Gluten-free Foods Launches Online Community (I love their breads!)

New York Times: The Elusive Big Idea

Stephanie Stiavetti’s serves up gluten-free brioche on Ruhlman’s blog.

I love Victoria’s site, and I love this animated gif she found.  I need those lights swinging in my backyard.

I love Elise, and I love her even more for this red lentil dal recipe.

Do you read Brain Pickings?  Do you follow Maria on Twitter?  You should.  I’m not usually into things like this, but I loved this post.  It came on a day I really needed to hear (read) these words.

Yay!  An advice columnist who gets it!  (see the last Q&A) (I mean, COME ON. Who is the “friend” who thought someone with celiac needed even more explosive diarrhea in their life.  Jeesh.)

Celiac registry in India; interesting idea.

SUNY: Geneseo student lets her college have it in an op-ed in her student newspaper.

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