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by Carol Blymire on September 18, 2011

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California Pizza Kitchen is reworking their gluten-free offerings.  Re-training their staff.  Figuring out how to honestly, correctly, and safely serve customers who can’t eat gluten.

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1 Victoria September 21, 2011 at 10:35 am

I was happily surprised to see how seriously they took the backlash. As a gluten-free diner I don’t expect the world… I just hope that you can honestly do your best to serve me safely. I know I take a risk when I eat from a kitchen where there is gluten.

When you think about it… the “I have to be truely gluten-free” crowd is an untapped market in the area of casual/fast-casual dining — we just don’t have places we can go. You don’t have to switch us from going to other places, you just need to be able to get us to go to your place. And if you can do it right 99% of the time you’ll probably keep our business.

[Right…. and, again… it’s the whole targeting they did of gluten-free and celiac bloggers to help them spread the word about a product that isn’t gluten-free. That just sticks in my craw. — CB]


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